Fire meets Ice

by Ereb Altor

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released July 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Ereb Altor Gävle, Sweden

Scandinavian metal in the vein of Bathory

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Track Name: Fire meets Ice
The cold mist in the land of shadows
Burning heat in the land of fire
The birth in a gaping hole where fire meets ice
Building the sleeping giant of rimfrost
Ymer, the father of the rimthurs awaken by the fire of Muspelheim
Giving life to all kinds
Betrayal, defiance, act of Gods
Three gods, Ve, Vile, and Oden, the slayers of Ymer
Drowning in blood, destroying his heirs
Hatred was born
Born by blood, fire and ice
A world built by the flesh of the father
Surrounded by the ocean of blood
The sky, up high, carried by the four
North, South, East and West
The skull of the giant placed by the black elves
Track Name: The Chosen ones
From the black water we once came
Out on this water we will go

Ask and Embla, the chosen ones
The wise god gave us the breath of life
The god of wish gave us our mind
The god of Holiness gave us our vision
Ask and Embla, the chosen ones
The gods gave us shelter and hope

In the castle of Midgård we thrive
The sons and daughters of the chosen ones

To the Gods we hail for them to grant us our strength
Our songs still echoes within the mighty halls of stone
Surrounded by the great ocean
On the shore we stand proud and tall
And for glory and for longing we will search throughout the mighty Ash
Track Name: Nifelheim
Beware of the Northern wind
Sacrifice to the mighty eagle to spare our skin and bones
His cold wind thats pierces through all
Shores of longing, winter's gone
Guide us, sons of Oden
Ruler of the sky protect us
Don't take us down below
We set out sails
Our journey has begun
The mighty sea seales our fate
Waves so strong carries the Dragon ship
To arrive in foreign lands to conquer to trade
To depart from foreign lands, leave the shores in flames
Those who stand against us will fall by our hands
Send them down the river cold to the shore of the dead
To Nifelheim, they will travel the cold wasteland of the ninth world
In Nifelheim, they will suffer the wrath of the snake of the ninth world
Track Name: My Ravens
Give me wisdom
Give me knowledge
To see through all the lies
Over nine worlds from dawn til dusk
they fly until they return
Bringing me my gift
My power to forsee
For the battle we must prepare

I’ll send the ravens
I’ll send them far
I’ll send the ravens
I’ll send them far away

Over nine worlds to spy
From dawn they fly until dusk they return
From all corners of the ash they return
For the battle we prepare
For the end we prepare
Track Name: Sacrifice
Sacrifice his left eye
Sacrifice for the well of wisdom
Sacrifice, the ash so old
Sacrifice, Oden's galow
Sacrifice nine long nights
Sacrifice, baptized in blood
The runes he found, the runes of power
Nine are the magic songs
Learn the nine magic songs to cease the power of the runes
The mead of wisdom, the tounge of poetry
And to speak with the dead with Miner's head
The magic runes, the ancient spell must be read and written from the heart
The scars of the runes are filled with blood
And not to fall a sacrifice must be done
Rista Råda Färga Fresta Bedja Blota Sända Slopa
Track Name: Helheimsfärd
Nine nights he ride
Through valleys of darkness
No light, nor shadows
For nine nights so black
The river so fierce
Kills all the sounds
The bridge he must cross
The bridge of the dead

The path to Hel
Where only the pale can pass
The gates of Hel
Where only the dead can pass
Carry me Sleipner
Fast as the wind
Fly Sleipner
Fly over the gates

To enter The halls of death
To enter The dead ones fate
To enter His brothers grave
To enter For his return

All must weep
All must sacrifice
Their tears of life
For his return
Track Name: The deceiver shall repent
He was hiding behind four doors
North and south east and west
But there is no escape from his sins
And his betrayal will be redeemed

One of his sons forever condemned
To the shape of the greatest of wolfs
Destined to take his brother´s life
The deceiver shall repent

Chained down to the three mighty
stones bound by the chains of flesh
A poisonous snake above
with an endless stream of venom
tearing his face apart

Damned by all but his beloved
Sigyn is always by his side
She will ease his torment and pain
with her Cauldron of relief

The ground will shake along with his pain and wrath
bound until the day of days

Chained down to the three mighty
stones bound by the chains of flesh
A poisonous snake above
with an endless stream of venom
tearing his face apart
Track Name: Post Ragnarök
Under the blackened sun
The earth is drowning
Stars burst into flames, falling
The mist, the fire
The heat touches the sky
All chains are broken
All seals are open

The world rises a second time
A new beginning
Resurrection of truth and light
Beneath dwells the snake of shadows

The shimmering cold snake
Will we succeed
Where the mighty has failed
To follow the true path
Beware of the cold
That dwells in the dark
Waiting, longing for our sins
Track Name: Our Legacy
Behold our land
Our land of the North
Our legacy to keep untouched
The lakes are so clear
The forests
Our dark forests
A nocturnal beauty
That takes the breath away
The silence cries
The winter
The absence of the sun
Fires burning bright
Through our darkest nights
Fires burning bright within our hearts